Health, Wellbeing & Lifestyle educates and inspires the community on a variety of topics around health, wellbeing and lifestyle!

Health, Wellbeing & Lifestyle is an independent TV show which educates, informs and inspires the community around the hot topics of health, wellbeing and quality lifestyle, and helps small businesses in those sectors to engage with the community, gain credibility, position themselves as an expert and build their profile.

The show is broadcast weekly on C31 (C44) Melbourne & Geelong, C44 Adelaide and Australia wide on Foxtel Aurora (C173) with a weekly total estimation of 45,000 viewers.

Our Team:

 Costa Athanassiou – PRODUCER/DIRECTOR

Our Producer and Director Costa Athanassiou, brings over 30 years experience as a film-maker, photographer and TV producer.

He has worked extensively with government departments, city councils, not-for-profit organisations and small businesses on a number of health and wellbeing projects.

He is passionate about health and wellbeing issues, and this TV show is the result of three years hard work.

Costa has worked with community groups, people with disability, refugees, and seniors clubs on a number of community projects.

His documentary films have been shown on TV channels and in film festivals in Australia and overseas and have won awards.



Linda MacDonald – PRESENTER

As a listener and seeker of truth, Linda passionately holds space for others to share their stories, education and inspiration with the audience to help weave together the strands that form their own unique tapestry of life.

Linda loves learning inspiring and has co-created with hundreds of clients, customers and community groups, along with therapists, practitioners and facilitators through holistic wellness and personal development.

This has given her the wisdom and life experience to support others in smoothing the path for their own magic to shine through.

Technical Team:

Jesse Saunders
Jana Politis