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What our guests say about our show.

Thanks Linda it was a wonderful experience and I truly hope I have inspired and helps many people. You and Costa do a fabulous job. Pauline Rooney

Thanks Costa, I have had people contact me for advice and even people in shops saying they recognised me from TV. Well done to you and your team. Pauline Healy

Thank you Costa Athanassiou and the team at ‘Health well-being and Lifestyle’ for including me in your series, looking forward to more… xoxo. Lia Estate

When it comes to video creations and producing shows either for tv or corporate work Costa has the ability and creativity for masterpiece. He’s passion shows at the tv shows that he produces. He’s professional approach and guidance makes it so easy to work with Costa. I personally highly recommend him for any production that you require. Con Nichols

A huge thank you to Costa Athanassiou for the great work with the TV interviews.
Since they have all aired I have been stopped in the street by people thanking me for the work I do with business in the disability sector, others have thanked me for sharing about neurodiversity, they feel heard and understood, some people have asked me to help them explain neurodiversity to their managers.
It is amazing what having exposure for your business can do.
Thank you for the opportunity. Jacqui Grant

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A list of our episodes and guests as they appear.

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Episode 1 season 19

Caroline Pope – The art of animal communication

Anthony Kilner When people talk about the astral what does that mean?

Heather Belle Murphy – The secrets of long lasting love

Episode 2 season 19

Michèle Wolff – How toxins in the environment affect our digestive and nervous systems

Sue Williams – Can Hypnotherapy really boost athletes and everyone’s performance and general wellbeing?

Sarah Kiryshin – Loaded herby yoghurt with barbecued lamp, pita bread & smashed potatoes

Episode 3 season 19

Heather Belle Murphy – What I have learnt from love

Coach Christine Heart Savage – Developing emotional intelligence

Daniella D’Amore – Improve your balance life through spiritual growth