Terms and conditions:

Health, Wellbeing & Lifestyle is an independent TV show that educates and inspires the community around the hot topics of health, wellbeing and quality lifestyle and promoting the services of small businesses in those sectors.

The show will be broadcast weekly on Channel 31 (C44) in Melbourne, C44 in Adelaide and on Foxtel Aurora (C173).

The duration of each episode is no more than 24 minutes and consists of 3 segments of 7 min approx. each.

Professional guests educate the viewers on one specific topic per segment around health, wellbeing and lifestyle, but they do not talk about their business or show their logo.

  • The show will be live streamed on Ch31 (Ch44 on your TV dial) Geelong & Melbourne and Ch44 Adelaide
  • Professional guests get their broadcasted video after it has been aired for their website or social media upload
  • Footage will be uploaded on the Health, Wellbeing & Lifestyle YouTube channel
  • Details of participating businesses will be shown on Health, Wellbeing & Lifestyle’s website for at least 6 months. The show’s website will be promoted throughout the program.
  • The interview has to be considered as “live” which means minimum editing (no more than 2 min will be taken out from the raw footage)
  • By filling out the registration form you give permission to the Producer to edit your interview without further contact with you, the way he thinks is the best for both your business and the TV show.
  • It is the Producer’s rights and regulations to schedule your segment(s) as he sees fit.

  • The date it goes on air is to be decided by the producer.

  • If for any reason the Producer decides the segment(s) does/do not go on air, Health, Wellbeing & Lifestyle will return the money paid in full.

  • The producer is the sole copyright owner of the program’s concept, series, episodes and segments.

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