Steve Hall

I believe myself to be a very fortunate man and I have lived quite an extraordinary life full of surprises, challenges, despair and joy… the whole box and dice.

I’ve been happily married and raised four delightful daughters, I’ve owned 2 houses and been secure with a lifelong career and then I’ve also lost everything, all the material things and the woman I loved more than anyone in the same event that destroyed our family. The woman I loved was my best friend and wife and is now on her own journey of rebuilding her life after a mental illness robbed her and us of a happily ever after as we knew life back then, now a little over 20 years ago.

That was the most challenging and mind-bending decade of my entire life and our family, and strangely changed my course in life and my beliefs, everything I thought I knew turned out to be totally outdated and ineffective at preventing the disaster or dealing with the aftermath let alone creating another life afterwards.

What I’ve learned by going through this though has made me incredibly strong and put me firmly back in control of my life and circumstances. No longer a victim dazed and numb not knowing what to do and having no hope in life, now I have a strong vision and purpose with the energy to live towards it every day. Now I live my life on purpose, I know what needs to be done each day and much like sailing, I know when to tack to make the most of favourable winds and when to pull down sails in the face of storms.

For a long time after our most challenging times, I was left numb and felt like a zombie just going through the motions of life for years wondering when and how it would all end. I was still leading people in the workplace, and I thought everyone in my teams were better off than I was. I compared myself to many people and constantly had FOBLB, alright I just made that up lol so I’ll explain, it stands for Fear Of Being Left Behind and for me FOBLB was a very real fear. I imagined homelessness and death was my future back then.

It was a “Life/Business Coach” the company I worked for embedded in my team for 3 months, that caused my breakthrough and changed me from believing I was a victim, to seeing hope and potential, I felt inspired for the first time in years and when she left, I remember saying to myself… I want to do what she does… I mean, I really really wanted too, and I knew I had found my purpose.

Our beliefs can be wonderful or harmful and either way are very powerful things. It’s quite amazing and I found unbelievable to what happens when our beliefs change, the affect that change produces in our lives is quite profound. I went from being broke, confused, and helpless to finding ways to fund the 7 years of intense learning and studies it’s taken me to not only be equivalent to that amazing woman coach and rescuer, but to exceeding her qualifications from she had at the time. I’ve since studied business coaching, transformational coaching, results coaching, emotional equilibration training and behavioural profiling amongst many other things and now I’m studying Neuroscience.

I have an insatiable appetite for learning and for giving to others, now my life has meaning, purpose and my mission is to share what I’ve learned with as many people as I can. People don’t need to become coaches by the way, but we all need to learn who we are and what we believe instead of who we were taught to be and what to believe, the difference is life changing.

I do individual coaching, but its my coaching program and weekend retreats I really love and I’m constantly improving and adding too. Because it’s seeing other people come alive with hope and confidence once they understand and get they weren’t fully using what they possess in the ways that will lead them to success that really lights me up.

M: 0419 898 973